egg donation process

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GiftLife Egg Bank is India's First Independent Egg Bank which enables Intended Parents to choose their donors and surrogate mothers all by themselves, as per their specifications and requirements. We understand that when you are compelled to choose an egg donor, or a surrogate mother, you would have your own choices in mind. We would love to help you in the process of finding the right egg donor as per your choices. Let it be education, height, skin colour or other preferences, we would strive to maximise your chances of getting the egg donor of your choice.

GiftLife has devised a completely online platform for finding the egg donor of your choice. All Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers of GiftLife are legally screened and personally verified by our own capable team. Few of our egg donors have already completed their medical screening. Also, all our candidates have been legally counselled about the surrogacy arrangements and the egg donation process, to make sure that you have no surprises jumping up on a later stage.

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The decision for opting for the help of egg donor is not an easy one and could be emotionally confusing for most of you. We have tried to address the most common concerns in using an egg donor through this booklet. The purpose of this booklet is to educate the recipient couple on the process of egg donation and to make them aware of their options. The booklet is intended to make the process as explanative as possible, in making sure that you face no surprises later.


Egg donation is fertility boon for couples whose major cause of infertility is due to the poor egg quality. Egg donation is process wherein a woman donates her egg for a couple who are not able to produce quality egg. Hundreds of thousands of woman cannot become pregnant due to ovarian problems and egg donation could be a singular solution to reach parenthood. Many women may have difficulty in producing eggs or in producing egg of such quality that may result in pregnancy. The medical reason for opting for an egg donor could be many including:

  • Poor development of ovaries
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Menopause
  • Diminished ability to ovulate due to surgery or chemotherapy.

All these medical issues might result a woman in losing her capacity in producing eggs, or may hinder her from producing egg of such quality as may result in pregnancy. Women with such medical issues would find it emotionally relieving to achieve parenthood through egg donation. 

It is to be understood that the choice to opt for an egg donation would not be any woman’s dream pregnancy. Given that, it would be a wonderful option for a woman who cannot otherwise achieve parenthood.


We have tried to make the process of locating the right donor for you as simple as possible. The 5-Step process gives you a systematic mechanism that makes sure you go where you want to.


STEP 1: Registration

Recipient couples who are interested in taking up the egg donation program would be required to contact us through either mail or phone. Recipient couples would be required to complete an application form that would also include questions about the characters you expect from the donor. The recipient parents would be required to submit the following documents along with the application in order to start the process:

  • Letter from your treating physician recommending you to take up an egg donation program
  • Proof for residence and marriage 

Please note that all information and document that are provided by you would be kept completely confidential. Information such as names, addresses or any other identifying information shall not be revealed to any party, unless so required under due process of law.


STEP 2: Appointment of Case Manager

After you have completed the application form and registered yourself as an recipient, you will be provided with a case manager. Your case manager shall be your single point of contact for all communications. 


STEP 3: Matching

Your case manager and the matching team would be conducting the search for the appropriate candidate who would fulfil your important expecataions, and would provide you with the profiles of such candidates. If you are not satisfied with the donor profile, then you would wait-listed in order to locate the donor of your choice.

Premium & Regular Donors

Based on your expectation, you might be requiring a premium or a regular donor. A premium donor is usually well educated and has a good appearance or may be considered to be a premium donor for any other unique quality. Typically a premium donor would be compensated higher than a regular donor. Based on your requirements, your case manager would advise if your donor falls within premium or regular category.

Gift Life has extensive database of premium and regular donors, which you can access online. The donor profiles would contain all non-identifying information about the donor candidate. Essentially, profiles would include the medical and fertility history, education, marital history, hobbies etc. of the donor. You can go through the profiles and contact your case manager with code number of the donor, found in the profile itself.  


STEP 4: Medical Screening

If you have found a donor of your liking, we would be fixing an appointment for the candidate with your treating physician in order to complete the medical screening. It is only after the medical screening is complete, the candidate is considered fit to be a donor. If the candidate is rejected in the medical screening, you can choose a different candidate from our database.


STEP 5: Stimulation and Egg Pick-up

If your treating physician has medically approved the candidate, then appropriate arrangements can be made for stimulation and retrieval. In some cases, the cycle of the donor would be required to be matched with that of the recipient. All these issues would also be required to consulted and co-ordinated with your treating physician.



Human eggs are produced from a human biological unit called a follicle.  A normal woman would have millions of follicular cells stored in her body.  During each menstrual cycle, several such follicles go waste for the creation of one egg, which is released by the ovaries into the uterus.  If the egg were not fertilised, then the egg would be ejected out of the body during monthly menstrual periods in the form of bleeding.  Egg donation normally would not hamper the health of the donor.  In case of an egg donor, hormones are used to stimulate the donor to develop the unused follicles into oocytes (eggs). After the eggs are matured, the oocytes are retrieved through ultrasound guided trans vaginal oocyte retrieval.